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EVERYONE loves a bit of merch! Get yours today and support our charities. 

We aren't no flash harry business that can hold loads of stock. The deal is, you order and pay, and every couple of weeks we will try and remember to check orders received. We then get out the crayons and whip up a batch of merch. 

Best you allow 3 to 4 weeks for us to sort our shit out, and get your order to you. 

All orders will include a flat courier fee of $12... it's a win some lose some style of lazy courier calculation. 

If we are coming up to an event, we will try and have the items ready at the aftermatch for you!!!


Cold Kahuna Tee


Cold Kahuna Beanie


Cold Kahuna Hoodie


Cold Kahuna Beer Coolie


Cold Kahuna Puffer


Cold Kahuna Patch


Jolly Good Chaps Charitable Trust Merch:

Scooter Guy Hoodie


Scooter Guy Tee


Scooter Guy Trucker Cap


Scooter Guy Beanie


Riders Patches

Want to be a tough as biker? need a patch for your cardigan?

Grab your very own Napier to Wellington 50cc Scooter Challange embroidered patch that you (or a skilled labourer, like ya mum) can sow on to your flash as riding jacket. 


Shipping and Returns Information

General Shipping Information

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  • All shipping rates are for a standard North Island Delivery, we like to keep it simple so have a set rate that we win and lose from!
  • All orders are held for a few weeeks until we get a batch together, we then do a print run and ship your orders out (We do not hold stock – sorry). 
  • All orders are trackable and a tracking number will be provided to you by email when we get around to it after the order has been packed up for you.
  • We ship to New Zealand only. 

Orders are only processed from Monday – Friday and are collated every 3 to 4 weeks, where a print run is produced (3 – 4 working days), then shipped out to you.

Returns and Exchanges

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  • Returns must be sent within 5 days of purchase.
  • Original freight fees are not refundable.
  • Any item returned must be in as-new condition with original packaging and labels.
  • Exchanges and refunds can only be organized online via contact form or 

Freight Charges

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    • Replacements for incorrect or faulty products are sent at our expense.
    • Exchanges and refunds are returned to us at your expense.
    • Exchange of purchases for different sizes will require an additional freight charge.

    We charge a set fee as no one here can work out how to be flash and calculate shipping. The fee is $12 for as much or little as you order.

    Return Address Information

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      All returns must be labelled in the format below with the order number noted at purchase and the address below.

      Jolly Good Chaps Charitable Trust
      C/o FCC
      102 Munroe Street, Napier 

      Once you have sent the return, please send a confirmation email with proof of return to